Flash actionscript 3.0: Simple Multiplayer using red 5 Server

Simple Multiplayer using red 5 Server

Posted by Sankar.G | Posted in | Posted on 11:40 PM

I create a simple multiplayer game concept using red 5 Server
Before compile this fla you must install the red5 Server in your system
if you want Red5.exe file please see my previous Blog

After Install the Red 5 Server Download the Below File


Star the Red 5 Server
C:\Program Files\Red5\red5.bat using this batch File
Extract the Zip file and Compile the Demo.Fla

after you get Demo.swf

Open 2 Demo.swf and make a click on the Box the box will get movement on that 2 Demo.swf this is the Simple Multiplayer Demo using red 5 Server

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searching for this kind of simple prog with Red5 for a long time.. works perfectly on localhost...thnx.. goin to add ur site to bookmark... where can I find the documentation related to red5 functions ..thnx again