Flash actionscript 3.0: Data Transfer using Flash AS3.0 to Red 5 Server

Data Transfer using Flash AS3.0 to Red 5 Server

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Go to red5 installation path open the Red5 folder and open the webapps Folder inside you have test folder copy the test folder and paste it in the same place and rename it as second

Open the second folder you have WEB-INF folder and index.jsp file open the WEB-INF folder you have
Folders &

1)red5 web prperties


open this 3 files in notepad in the re5 web properties file
you have webapp.contextpath=/test
delete the test and type second (foldername)

open red5-web.xml file you have 3 beanid delete last 2 beanid (test service & echo)beanid's

in the web-handler beanid you have class path delete the class path and type
"second.Second" and save it

And open the web.xml file using notepad in the last context-param you have param-values /test delete the test and type second (foldername) and save it

now we want to create a java file to connect the red5 server with flash
so please open the Eclipse (Java IDE)in the work space launcher set work space
c:\programfile\red5\webapps or red5 installation path and click ok

go to windows --- show view --- package Explorer open the package explorer
go the file--new--java project in the project name textbox type second (foldername) in webapps click next button and click finish

right click on the second project in the package Explorer new--package and name it as
second Right click on the package second go to new--class and name it as Second and click ok button now second java is created

now project is created we want to configure buildpath so right click on the project name second and go to buildpath--configure buildpath make a click on the source tab and click Add folder and select src folder from WEB-INF and click ok button

In the bottom default output folder Click on the browse button and select classes folder and click ok button now project in ready to write the java now we want to add the jar file in our project right click on the project and go to properties and click the libraries tab and click add External jar Button

Go to red5 installation path and select red5.jar and click ok now red 5 jar is added on our project or

Download the File from below link Extract it cut the second (folder) and paste it in the red5/webapps

start the red5 server and Compile the first.fla type some name and click the button
that name will send to red5 server and return to our flash and trace

Java file coding & flash file Coding in the Below Link


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