Flash actionscript 3.0: Peer to peer in AS3.0

Peer to peer in AS3.0

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Adobe Cirrus the previous name of the technology called Adobe stratus using the technology we can connect 2 flash player without any server just we need to exchange the 128 bit code.

Already i done a post about this in my previous blog


Usage of Cirrus
You can able to chat,video stream etc but there is no server direct peer to peer connection between 2 flash Player, I develop a small chat application by using Adobe Cirrus below you have the link


Steps to use the above Example

1) Download the file from above link.

2) Extract the file and open test.swf twice.

3) you get 128 bit text in the first box in both the swf.

4) Just copy that code from first swf and paste it in second swf and click connect.

5) And copy the code from second swf and paste it in the first swf and click connect.

Now both the swf are connected each other using Adobe Cirrus (Peer to peer)
And start your chat using below text box with send button...

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