Flash actionscript 3.0: SmartFoxServer


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Smartfoxserver is a powerful platform for developing Multiuser Applications and Games with
3)Adobe Air
6)Apple iPhones
It allowing developers to quickly create any type of Multiplayer intractions
chat Applications to MMO Games this server comes with a rich set of features one of
the best sets of documentations with examples...

it is a set of Flex and flash UI components specifically designed to be used
in conjuction with smartfoxserver 1.5.5 or greaterit is also used to create multiplayer
applications and games

it is used to allow connections behind firewall and proxies if a direct socket
connection is not available player can play and enjoy Games with restricted network

It is based on Red5 project it adds audio&video streaming capabilities
its allow
1)Live one-to-one audio/video chat
2)Live events
3)Video streaming etc...

Open space:
It is powerful flash based isometric engine and multi user virtual world
Open Space Features
1)Customizable tiles aspect ratio
2)Tiles Elevetion
3)2d Objects in 2.5d world
4)Advance path finding
5)Powerful avatar management
6)Advance map interaction system
7)complete map editor

More Details About SmartFox

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