Flash actionscript 3.0: Hit Test for an irregular shapes in flash AS 3.0

Hit Test for an irregular shapes in flash AS 3.0

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Below links is helpful to you to do hitTest for an irregular shape object
you can't want to do any math calculation for this download the below file and
enjoy .......

you can do hitTest for a irregular shapes using this below class file


How to use the class file with example at below Link


Output for this file is below


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thank you for your replay

this is rad, i was looking for an example like this.

thank you

as useful as simple, very nice, thanks.

Thank you,so much! Did you write this code? It is marvelous.

wonderful class you helped me a lot, thanks

This class is easy to use and works wonders. For people debating downloading it, it's as easy as HitTest(object1, object2, 1) returning a boolean value. Thank you so much for this!

THX! this is awesome!

This works! This really helped me crunch the deadline. :)