Flash actionscript 3.0: Local file Browser in action script 3.0

Local file Browser in action script 3.0

Posted by Sankar.G | Posted in | Posted on 12:37 AM

you can able to browse the files in local use below codings in Action Script 3.0

function fun(e:Event)
var imagesFilter:FileFilter = new FileFilter("Images", "*.jpg;*.gif;*.png");
var docFilter:FileFilter = new FileFilter("Documents", "*.pdf;*.doc;*.txt");
var a:FileFilter=new FileFilter("mp3 files","*.mp3;");
var myFileReference:FileReference = new FileReference();
myFileReference.browse([imagesFilter, docFilter,a]);

this is the code you can able to browse the file locally by b1_btn button name

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How do you return the browsed file location to an variable?

how to play if browse audio file??

Just choose the sound file and use the soundChannel class and play the desire sound

Can help me to code soundchannel to play audio?

http://script3.blogspot.in/2012/12/one-of-readers-requested-for-to-play.html I think the above link may helps u

thank you for helping me, I will try the way you have posted it