Flash actionscript 3.0: how to get he System time in action script 3.0

how to get he System time in action script 3.0

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you can get the system in action script 3.0 code is follows

import flash.utils.*;
var ti:Timer=new Timer(1000);
function fun(e:Event)
var a:Date=new Date();
str = "PM"
str = "AM"
t1_txt.text=Number(a.getHours()).toString()+":"+Number(a.getMinutes()).toString()+":" +Number(a.getSeconds()).toString()+" "+str;

for this we want to import a library utils
and declare a variable t1 as a timer and 1000 is milliseconds timer will tick per second if you set 500 it will 2 times for a second and addeventlistener for that timer and start the timer
and we declare a variable a as date
and use gethour ,get minutes, get seconds is used to get the system times

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good post!

this is really helpful.
How would you show the leading zero? For example, right now it displays 11:23:9, instead of 11:23:09

How would you ad AM/PM?


I update the postm Now you can get AM or PM easily